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URW Grotesk Font

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URW GroteskDesigner: Hermann Zapf
Publisher: URW Type Foundry
Designed by Hermann Zapf, URW Grotesk is a display sans and sans serif font family. This typeface has fifty-nine styles and was published by URW Type Foundry.

URW Grotesk was designed exclusively for URW by Prof. Hermann Zapf in 1985, together with URW Antiqua. At that time, we were working with a large German publishing house (Axel Springer) on type design solutions to replace certain of their newspaper fonts. Test pages of large German newspapers (e.g. Bild) were printed with URW Grotesk and URW Antiqua font families. For reasons not disclosed to us, the project was dropped and Springer never used URW Grotesk and URW Antiqua for that purpose.

Zapf’s intention for the two typefaces was to design two harmonizing, highly legible, open and classic fonts that could be used for any kind of typography, especially books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

However, we realized later on, that URW Grotesk is also very well suited for electronic publishing like for example web embedding, apps and alike. It’s open forms and generous character render very well at low and medium resolution, at high resolution anyway.

Later on, URW Grotesk as well as URW Antiqua were expanded at URW’s type design studio utilizing the full power of the IKARUS software as two out of ten URW proprietary super families with 50 or more styles.

Today, URW Antiqua as well as URW Grotesk are amongst the most popular URW fonts. This does not come by accident or luck but by design work created by the most important and significant German type designer and calligrapher of the 20th century.

Font Family:
· URW Grotesk Extra Light
· URW Grotesk Extra Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Light
· URW Grotesk Light Italic
· URW Grotesk Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Regular
· URW Grotesk Italic
· URW Grotesk Oblique
· URW Grotesk Medium
· URW Grotesk Medium Italic
· URW Grotesk Medium Oblique
· URW Grotesk Bold
· URW Grotesk Bold Italic
· URW Grotesk Bold Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Extra Light
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Extra Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Light
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Regular
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Medium
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Medium Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Bold
· URW Grotesk Extra Narrow Bold Oblique
· URW Grotesk Narrow Extra Light
· URW Grotesk Narrow Extra Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Narrow Light
· URW Grotesk Narrow Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Narrow Regular
· URW Grotesk Narrow Oblique
· URW Grotesk Narrow Medium
· URW Grotesk Narrow Medium Oblique
· URW Grotesk Narrow Bold
· URW Grotesk Narrow Bold Oblique
· URW Grotesk Wide Extra Light
· URW Grotesk Wide Extra Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Wide Light
· URW Grotesk Wide Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Wide Regular
· URW Grotesk Wide Oblique
· URW Grotesk Wide Medium
· URW Grotesk Wide Medium Oblique
· URW Grotesk Wide Bold
· URW Grotesk Wide Bold Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Extra Light
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Extra Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Light
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Light Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Regular
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Medium
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Medium Oblique
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Bold
· URW Grotesk Extra Wide Bold Oblique
· URW Grotesk Small Caps Light
· URW Grotesk Small Caps Regular
· URW Grotesk Condensed Light
· URW Grotesk Condensed Bold
· URW Grotesk Condensed E Light

URW Grotesk Font Preview
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