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Bordonaro Spur Font

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Bordonaro Spur
Bordonaro Spur is a display serif and serif font released by Estudio Calderón.

Bordonaro Spur is a typography strongly affected by old beer labels and consists of some serifs based upon Frederic W. Goudy's Copperplate, however with some softened stimulates including an elegant and soft texture to the text. It is ideal to be used on big bodies and has a set of special ligatures perfect to be used in branding.


Co = company1
Co = company2
Estd = established
Inc = incorporated
Ltd = limited
Mc = mac
Rd = Road
St = street

And also from Adobe CC you can trigger Style Sets (SS) and get perfect ligatures for ordinal numbers:


1st = st
Second = nd
3rd = rd
Fourth = th


Bordonaro Spur & & Bordonaro Script are 2 typographic styles that were designed under the very same particular features with the concept of integrating them to acquire better results, because of that, we advise combining them in an innovative method and you will recognize everything you can design with them.


The banners designs are based on old brand names of beer labels, coffee product packaging, sports logos and in some cases we utilize Copperplate Gothic however only as a complementary font style in order to balance the design of the components in each banner.

.Font Family: Spur

Bordonaro Spur Font Preview
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