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Castile Font

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CastileDesigner: Eyad Al-Samman
Publisher: Eyad Al-Samman
Castile was designed by Eyad Al-Samman and released by Eyad Al-Samman. Castile includes 3 styles and family plan alternatives. Castile is a main region of Spain that formed the core of the Kingdom of Castile, under which Spain was unified in the 15th and 16th centuries. 'Castile' is a Kufic modern-day Arabic typeface. It appropriates for books' covers, ad light boards, and titles in publications and newspapers. It is very unique when utilized in black and white hard copy. It decorates colored pages and makes art work more appealing. This font is available in 3 various weights.

I love Spain and the historic achievements of the Islamic civilization existed there in the past. By developing 'Castile' Typeface, I desired to refer to the Islamic civilization that Muslims had in Spain and especially in Andalusia. Today the name of Castile survives in 2 self-governing regions of Spain: Castile-La Mancha (capital city is Toledo) and Castile-Leon (capital city is Valladolid).

The main attribute of 'Castile' Typeface is in its modern-day open-end style for a few of its Arabic characters such as 'Sad', 'Father', 'Seen', 'Sheen', 'Qaf', 'Faa', 'Yaa' and others. The shape of the characters' 'dot', 'dots', and 'point' is ingenious; a triangle with a semi-circle shape.

'Castile' Typeface appropriates for books' covers, advertisement light boards, and titles in publications and newspapers. Its charactersí modern-day Kufic designs give the typeface more distinction when it is used likewise in posters, greeting cards, covers, exhibitionsí signboards and external or internal walls of shopping malls or metroís exits and entrances. It can also be used in titles for Arabic news and advertisements appeared in various Arabic and foreign satellite channels.

Font Family:
· Castile Thin
· Castile
· Castile Bold

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Castile Font Preview

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