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Edito Font

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EditoDesigner: Gert Wiescher
Publisher: Wiescher-Design
Designed by Gert Wiescher, Edito is a serif and slab serif font style household. This typeface has twelve styles and was published by Wiescher-Design.

Edito is a totally brand-new bodycopy font. The unique aspect of this typeface is, that all serifs have the very same height. So no matter if you take the thinnest cut (A) or the fattest (F), you will always have aligning serifs.

I started Edito as an experiment. I attempted to improve the classic and durable Times typeface. However I soon dicovered, that it would be more effective to take only the fundamental idea behind Times (the robust design) and begin from scratch. It ended up a genuine solid and beneficial typeface for daily use.

In due time I will include a couple of additional cuts.

Yours in a journalistic state of mind Gert Wiescher

.Font Family:
· Edito A
· Edito B
· Edito C
· Edito D
· Edito E
· Edito F
· Edito Aa Italic
· Edito Be Italic
· Edito Ce Italic
· Edito De Italic
· Edito Ee Italic
· Edito Fe Italic

Edito Font Preview
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