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Fazeta Font

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FazetaDesigner: Andrej Dieneš
Publisher: Adtypo
Fazeta was designed by Andrej Dieneš and released by Adtypo. Fazeta includes 30 styles and household plan choices. p > Fazeta is a type household that uses the optical areas. It is a modern-day static antiqua (it has actually not obliqued axis, serifs without slopes) however far-off from ceremonious and stiff appearance of this type classification. Inspiration was typeproduction from Czechoslovakia 60's - J. Týfa, V. Preissig, J. Linzboth or A. Krátky. Common aspect of this typefaces is vibrant and sharp design with steady serifs, tend to rational building instead of calligraphy and some sophisticated small information revitalized basic impression. In this case are facetted asymmetrical arches (some abbreviation). Specific of this typeface is a brief arch of glyph "f" that enables comfy typesetting without ligatures commitment. In character set are besides classical ligatures discretionary ligatures for special events. Another unexpected aspect is that all vertical strokes are slightly expanded upwards. These details end up being unnoticeable in little text but in bigger sizes impressed the eye and fix attention to headline. For conventional text sensation are here alternative glyphs "a, c, f, j, k, r, y, K, R" terminated with typical serif. Typeface is graded by optical size into 3 versions - caption (robust structure with low contrast, ideal for size 6 - 9 pt), text (medium contrast, ideal for common text about 10 pt) and display screen (high contrast and subtle information for 20 pt and greater). Every variation has 5 weights (light, regular, medium, strong and black) with italics. Typeface is with their naked cold expression ideal for neutral text without psychological feelings. On the other hand with many antique typefaces this is planned for contemporary shiny white paper where crisp information can excelled. Every font style contains 1140 glyphs, between them original small capitals, different digits, portions, indexes, matematical signs, arrows, borders and many alternative glyphs. To see more please examine the PDF specimen.

Font Family:
· Fazeta Text Light
· Fazeta Text Light Italic
· Fazeta Text Regular
· Fazeta Text Italic
· Fazeta Text Medium
· Fazeta Text Medium Italic
· Fazeta Text Bold
· Fazeta Text Bold Italic
· Fazeta Text Black
· Fazeta Text Black Italic
· Fazeta Caption Light
· Fazeta Caption Light Italic
· Fazeta Caption Regular
· Fazeta Caption Italic
· Fazeta Caption Medium
· Fazeta Caption Medium Italic
· Fazeta Caption Bold
· Fazeta Caption Bold Italic
· Fazeta Caption Black
· Fazeta Caption Black Italic
· Fazeta Display Light
· Fazeta Display Light Italic
· Fazeta Display Regular
· Fazeta Display Italic
· Fazeta Display Medium
· Fazeta Display Medium Italic
· Fazeta Display Bold
· Fazeta Display Bold Italic
· Fazeta Display Black
· Fazeta Display Black Italic

Tags: adtypo, andrej dienes, angular, antiqua, caption, chiselled, crisp, didone, display, elegant, facetted, fresh, geometric, latinic, like, optical sizes, serif, sharp, striking, superfamily, text, upright, wedge

Fazeta Font Preview
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