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FHA Tuscan Roman Font

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FHA Tuscan RomanPublisher: Fontry West
FHA Tuscan Roman is a western and wood type font style household. This typeface has 4 designs and was released by Fontry West.

The initially Tuscan lettering was penned in the mid-fourth century by the calligrapher Furius Dionysius Filocalus. The style was still in typical usage as calligraphy when Vincent Figgins created the first Antique Tuscan for print in 1817. Antique and Gothic Tuscan woodtype fonts appeared in the 1830's. By the 1850's, Tuscan typefaces had become popular in America. These designs continued in print usage into the twentieth century.

Tuscan Antique and Gothic styles, borrowed from print and calligraphy, were ideal for indications, posters, handbills and other large format advertising. Indication painter, Frank Atkinson showed numerous Tuscan forms in his book Sign Painting, A Complete Manual. Modified & & Spurred Tuscan Romans were influenced by this and other works of the very same period.

Font Family:
· FHA Tuscan Roman Modified
· FHA Tuscan Roman Modified Outline
· FHA Tuscan Roman Spurred
· FHA Tuscan Roman Spurred Outline

FHA Tuscan Roman Font Preview
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