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Jeck Lady Font

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Jeck LadyDesigner: Mauli Zari
Publisher: Dhan Studio
Jeck Lady was created by Mauli Zari and published by Dhan Studio. Jeck Lady includes 2 styles and household plan choices. The typeface is presently # 50 in Hot New Fonts. p >

Jeck Girl is a cool font with a thick body design and attractive texture. It's a modern logo style, made with a calm mind and is quite manly and beautiful.

Jeck Girl also has a great deal of alternatives, and an underlines perk that can be utilized in each sentence. It will look best in every design.

Jeck Lady is suitable for use in title designs such as clothing, book tittles, stationery designs, quotes, branding,

logos, invitations, welcoming cards, tee shirts, packaging styles, posters and more.

Font Family:
· Jeck Lady Regular
· Jeck Lady Underlines

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