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Jesus Saves, Heals, & Lives Font

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Jesus Saves, Heals, & LivesDesigner: Harry Warren
Publisher: Breauhare Fonts
Created by Harry Warren, Jesus Conserves, Heals, & Lives is a pixel typeface family. This typeface has 3 designs and was released by Breauhare Fonts.

Jesus Saves is a font based upon the familiar old logo design that has "JESUS" hidden within a maze-like set of multi-branched vertical bars.

The characters seem an alien, puzzling language at first sight, perhaps even a Japanese, Chinese, or Korean language, thanks to the unusual figures produced by the combinations of different letters. It is a teaser for the eyes, as well as a visual feast of De Stijl-type art.

It is an attention-getting font that is cool to take a look at, an eye puzzle that is enticing to decipher. It's an excellent font style to use for striking logo designs (see Gallery Images) by the sensible use of ligatures, where in word settings ligatures might be utilized at the beginnings of words, the middle or the endings of words.

Jesus Heals is the missing areas from the Jesus Saves font, sort of like a doughnut hole font style! If you utilize this font style to fill in the spaces in the Jesus Saves typeface, it becomes whole, or recovered, therefore the name.

Jesus Lives is a raised block/3D or 3 dimensional variation of Jesus Heals. For color combinations in apps that support layering, Jesus Lives synchs and has perfect kerning register with Jesus Heals, as Jesus Heals has with Jesus Saves.

The digitization was done by fontmeister John Bomparte.

Font Family:
· Jesus Saves
· Jesus Heals
· Jesus Lives

Jesus Saves, Heals, & Lives Font Preview
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