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Megatropolis Font

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MegatropolisDesigner: Randy Harris
Publisher: Just My Type
Megatropolis was designed by Randy Harris and released by Simply My Type. Megatropolis consists of 8 designs and household package choices. p > Introducing Megatropolis: intellectual, architectural, urban and urbane. What began as an idea where the counters would be letters (3 doodled glyphs on a piece of scrap paper), has actually turned into a magnificent typeface household of eight stackable fonts.

First came Megatropolis itself, a Deco font style within a Deco font style; Double Deco, you may state. In Illustrator, you can deconstruct it to make solid letters, overview letters or just the inset letters on their own, and you can stack them how you wish. Or you can get the whole Megatropolis family with Black, Overview, Inset, Smog, Shade and Shade with Inset and keep them all different stackable, editable typefaces. In addition, there's Megatropolis Benday (readily available in TT just), with its amazing stackable comic dots.

Megatropolis is a typographer's playground.

Font Family:
· Megatropolis
· Megatropolis Black
· Megatropolis Outline
· Megatropolis Inset
· Megatropolis Benday
· Megatropolis Smog
· Megatropolis Shade
· Megatropolis Shade WInset

Tags: architectural, bold, deco, display, extended, mammoth, monster, stackable, urban

Megatropolis Font Preview

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