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Mynor Font

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MynorDesigner: Jonathan Hill
Publisher: The Northern Block Ltd
Mynor was developed by Jonathan Hill and published by The Northern Block Ltd. Mynor includes 84 styles and household bundle alternatives. p > A modern-day squarish sans inspired by machine-readable typefaces of the 1950s, including OCR-A and B. Smooth curved contours with a humanist touch being in harmony alongside pure straight lines. Contrasting shapes produce a modern-day visual pleasing to the eye and pixel best execution for modern-day scenarios.

Details include seven weights with matching italics, 6 variable widths and 445 characters per style. Opentype features consist of five variations of numerals with stylistic no's, inferiors, superiors, fractions, case delicate forms, ligatures, arrows and language support covering Western, South and Central Europe.

Font Family:
· Mynor Light
· Mynor Light Italic
· Mynor Book
· Mynor Book Italic
· Mynor Regular
· Mynor Regular Italic
· Mynor Medium
· Mynor Medium Italic
· Mynor Bold
· Mynor Bold Italic
· Mynor Extra Bold
· Mynor Extra Bold Italic
· Mynor Black
· Mynor Black Italic
· Mynor Light Compact
· Mynor Light Compact Italic
· Mynor Book Compact
· Mynor Book Compact Italic
· Mynor Regular Compact
· Mynor Regular Compact Italic
· Mynor Medium Compact
· Mynor Medium Compact Italic
· Mynor Bold Compact
· Mynor Bold Compact Italic
· Mynor Extra Bold Compact
· Mynor Extra Bold Compact Italic
· Mynor Black Compact
· Mynor Black Compact Italic
· Mynor Light Extra Condensed
· Mynor Light Extra Condensed Italic
· Mynor Book Extra Condensed
· Mynor Book Extra Condensed Italic
· Mynor Regular Extra Condensed
· Mynor Regular Extra Condensed Italic
· Mynor Medium Extra Condensed
· Mynor Medium Extra Condensed Italic
· Mynor Bold Extra Condensed
· Mynor Bold Extra Condensed Italic
· Mynor Extra Bold Extra Condensed
· Mynor Extra Bold Extra Condensed Italic
· Mynor Black Extra Condensed
· Mynor Black Extra Condensed Italic
· Mynor Light Condensed
· Mynor Light Condensed Italic
· Mynor Book Condensed
· Mynor Book Condensed Italic
· Mynor Regular Condensed
· Mynor Regular Condensed Italic
· Mynor Medium Condensed
· Mynor Medium Condensed Italic
· Mynor Bold Condensed
· Mynor Bold Condensed Italic
· Mynor Extra Bold Condensed
· Mynor Extra Bold Condensed Italic
· Mynor Black Condensed
· Mynor Black Condensed Italic
· Mynor Light Wide
· Mynor Light Wide Italic
· Mynor Book Wide
· Mynor Book Wide Italic
· Mynor Regular Wide
· Mynor Regular Wide Italic
· Mynor Medium Wide
· Mynor Medium Wide Italic
· Mynor Bold Wide
· Mynor Bold Wide Italic
· Mynor Extra Bold Wide
· Mynor Extra Bold Wide Italic
· Mynor Black Wide
· Mynor Black Wide Italic
· Mynor Light Expanded
· Mynor Light Expanded Italic
· Mynor Book Expanded
· Mynor Book Expanded Italic
· Mynor Regular Expanded
· Mynor Regular Expanded Italic
· Mynor Medium Expanded
· Mynor Medium Expanded Italic
· Mynor Bold Expanded
· Mynor Bold Expanded Italic
· Mynor Extra Bold Expanded
· Mynor Extra Bold Expanded Italic
· Mynor Black Expanded
· Mynor Black Expanded Italic

Tags: augmented reality, camera, dashboard, eurostile alternative, game console, handheld, interface, microgramma alternative, multiple widths, phone, readable, screen, simulator, squarish, tablet, user interface, virtual reality

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