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Plathorn Extended Font

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Plathorn ExtendedPublisher: Insigne Design
Plathorn Extended is a serif typeface family. This typeface has fourteen styles and was published by Insigne Design.

Vast and untamed, the American West once stretched as complimentary and wild as imagination itself. Still stunning, the Wild West of long earlier and the new West these days is now to be discovered in Insigne's new face, Plathorn.

That's right, folks. When the West called, Jeremy Dooley reached up like Pecos Costs, got it by the reins and pulled it in, then utilizing its broad, wandering components to develop this functional font style that still has an unbroken spirit burning deep within. This down right, no-nonsense, orthodox face ends any of that additional fancy stuff that does not belong on a ride.

Plathorn features a family of cowhands as broad as the Rockies, bringing particularly customized condensed and prolonged sub-families along with it too. By design, it's not really obtrusive like its unorthodox reversed tension brethren. Leave those for the next typeface rodeo. This install functions hardly a hint of a serif that hearkens back a hundred years or so to sign painters and package lettering artists of early twentieth century. They make sure to put the sharpness, gumption and grit you require into your copy.

So grab a tall glass of Plathorn and drink in the deep taste of America's big nation. Put it in your next magazine. Put it in your brand. This typeface's unusual appeal is bound to bring a bit of wild U.S. to your free-spirited work.

Font Family:
· Plathorn Extended Light
· Plathorn Extended Light Italic
· Plathorn Extended Book
· Plathorn Extended Book Italic
· Plathorn Extended Regular
· Plathorn Extended Italic
· Plathorn Extended Medium
· Plathorn Extended Medium Italic
· Plathorn Extended Demi
· Plathorn Extended Demi Italic
· Plathorn Extended Bold
· Plathorn Extended Bold Italic
· Plathorn Extended Black
· Plathorn Extended Black Italic

Plathorn Extended Font Preview
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