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Slate Font

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SlateDesigner: Rod McDonald
Publisher: Monotype
Slate was designed by Rod McDonald and released by Monotype. Slate consists of 48 styles and household package options. The font style is currently # 39 in Best Sellers. p > A typeface of grace, power and extraordinary adaptability, the Slate collection is a truly gorgeous style that accomplishes stellar levels of readability, both in print and on screen.

Created by the award winning type designer Rod McDonald, this six-weight sans serif household is an uncommon example of superb looks fulfilling world-class functionality. The typeface's readable letterforms embody an amalgam of the finest traits of both humanistic and monstrous letterforms.

" I didn't desire a face with an 'engineered' appearance, or with any obvious design tricks or gadgets," admits designer McDonald. "I desired a pure design. I admit that I was callous with any character that wished to stand apart from the rest."

The Slate collection is readily available in six weights with complementary italics, with slight changes in structure from the light to the black weights. Its lightweight is reminiscent of early American sans.

Whether for use in display work or in longer-form settings, few typefaces possess the appeal and power of this style, leaving the Slate family an excellent addition to any designer's typographic quiver.

Font Family:
· Slate Pro Thin
· Slate Pro Thin Italic
· Slate Pro Extra Light
· Slate Pro Extra Light Italic
· Slate Pro Light
· Slate Pro Light Italic
· Slate Pro Book
· Slate Pro Book Italic
· Slate Pro Regular
· Slate Pro Italic
· Slate Pro Medium
· Slate Pro Medium Italic
· Slate Pro Bold
· Slate Pro Bold Italic
· Slate Pro Black
· Slate Pro Black Italic
· Slate Pro Condensed Thin
· Slate Pro Condensed Extra Light
· Slate Pro Condensed Light
· Slate Pro Condensed Book
· Slate Pro Condensed
· Slate Pro Condensed Medium
· Slate Pro Condensed Bold
· Slate Pro Condensed Black
· Slate Std Thin
· Slate Std Thin Italic
· Slate Std Extra Light
· Slate Std Extra Light Italic
· Slate Std Light
· Slate Std Light Italic
· Slate Std Book
· Slate Std Book Italic
· Slate Std Regular
· Slate Std Italic
· Slate Std Medium
· Slate Std Medium Italic
· Slate Std Bold
· Slate Std Bold Italic
· Slate Std Black
· Slate Std Black Italic
· Slate Std Condensed Thin
· Slate Std Condensed Extra Light
· Slate Std Condensed Light
· Slate Std Condensed Book
· Slate Std Condensed
· Slate Std Condensed Medium
· Slate Std Condensed Bold
· Slate Std Condensed Black

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Slate Font Preview

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