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Klein Font

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KleinDesigners: Francesco Canovaro, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Andrea Tartarelli
Publisher: Zetafonts
Created by Francesco Canovaro, Cosimo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli, Klein is a sans serif font style family. This typeface has fifty-four styles and was released by Zetafonts.

Klein is Zetafonts love letter to the grandma of all geometric sans typefaces, Futura. Beginning from a discussion with Paul Renner's iconic letterforms and proportions, Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli decided to depart from its unique modernist shapes with small humanist touches and grotesque solutions - with some style choices stimulating the softness of humanist sans serifs like Gill Sans.

The outcome is a workhorse superfamily of 54 font styles with complete multilingual abilities and coverage of over two hundred languages using latin, cyrillic and greek alphabets. The original display-oriented family, established in nine weights with matching italics (from the hairline thin to the durable black), has actually been paired with a text variation (with somewhat higher x-height, much better readability and maximum legibility at little point size) and with a condensed variation, to be utilized for space-saving display solutions in editorial and advertising formats.

With a name that is both a nod to its simple performance and a tribute to french nouveau realiste artist Yves Klein, this typeface intends to become your next trusted companion in all your experiences in print, digital and motion design.

Font Family:
· Klein Thin
· Klein Thin Italic
· Klein Extra Light
· Klein Extra Light Italic
· Klein Light
· Klein Light Italic
· Klein Book
· Klein Book Italic
· Klein Regular
· Klein Italic
· Klein Medium
· Klein Medium Italic
· Klein Bold
· Klein Bold Italic
· Klein Extra Bold
· Klein Extra Bold Italic
· Klein Black
· Klein Black Italic
· Klein Condensed Thin
· Klein Condensed Thin Italic
· Klein Condensed Extra Light
· Klein Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Klein Condensed Light
· Klein Condensed Light Italic
· Klein Condensed Book
· Klein Condensed Book Italic
· Klein Condensed Regular
· Klein Condensed Italic
· Klein Condensed Medium
· Klein Condensed Medium Italic
· Klein Condensed Bold
· Klein Condensed Bold Italic
· Klein Condensed Extra Bold
· Klein Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Klein Condensed Black
· Klein Condensed Black Italic
· Klein Text Thin
· Klein Text Thin Italic
· Klein Text Extra Light
· Klein Text Extra Light Italic
· Klein Text Light
· Klein Text Light Italic
· Klein Text Book
· Klein Text Book Italic
· Klein Text Regular
· Klein Text Italic
· Klein Text Medium
· Klein Text Medium Italic
· Klein Text Bold
· Klein Text Bold Italic
· Klein Text Extra Bold
· Klein Text Extra Bold Italic
· Klein Text Black
· Klein Text Black Italic

Klein Font Preview
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